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That's My Ball

Do as the Pros do on Tour and use That's my Ball™ golf ball stamps to quickly and easily ID your golf ball.

That's my Ball™ golf ball stamps are:
Easy to use
Highly durable & good for hundreds of impressions
Huge range of styles available
Great gifts for golfing friends

How to use:

Your That’s My Ball Golf Ball Stamp is a cinch to use. We recommend you practice a few times on some old balls. That way you’ll get used to exactly how much pressure you need to use to get the perfect look.

STEP ONE: Before use, ensure your golf ball is clean and dry.

STEP TWO: Twist the top cylinder to separate the stamp from the holder.

STEP THREE: Twist the coloured base to separate it from the ‘golf ball’. This holds the ink pad.

STEP FOUR: Press the stamp down onto the ink pad - 2-3 times should be enough. Most times you can see a darker patch on the ink pad where the ink has risen to the surface. Try not to over ink the stamp holder. After extended use, you will need to press down more firmly on the ink pad to make the ink rise to the surface of the pad.

STEP FIVE: Stamp your golf ball with the Stamp Holder. IMPORTANT: You only need to apply a LIGHT to MEDIUM pressure when stamping the ball.

The soft rubber stamp head will conform to the dimples of the golf ball with ease. Hold the stamp perpendicular to the ball and press straight on and off. Slow and steady here is the key.

"Super slick" and "non stick" coated golf balls will affect the ease of stamping.

STEP SIX: Close the cover of the ink pad properly after use to ensure the ink pad doesn’t dry out.

STEP SEVEN: Play golf! It’s as easy as that.

To see it in action watch this 60 second video:

ThatsMyBall Video

Product Questions:

How big is the That's My Ball™ Golf Ball Stamp?
That's My Ball™ is approximately 70mm tall and 35mm wide.

How large is the design when stamped onto the golf ball?
Your chosen design when stamped on the golf ball is approximately 9mm in diameter (at the design's widest and/or tallest point). Designs with an outer circular border ie Be Happy, Alphabet and Zodiac sign stamps are all 10mm diameter in size. Of course you can stamp your golf ball as many times as you like. So your final look is completely up to you!

Is a That's My Ball™ Golf Ball Stamp easy to use?
Your beautiful That's My Ball Golf Ball stamp couldn't be simpler to use. It produces a crisp, clear image of the design on your ball when the correct technique stamping is used.

Our tip is to read the instructions enclosed with your stamp carefully and have a practice on a couple of used golf balls. We have also put together a 60 second ‘How to Use' video here. Follow this, practice on some old balls and you'll be on your way to becoming an expert in no time!

How durable is the That's My Ball Golf Stamp Ink?
The ink we use for the manufacturing of the That's My Ball Golf Ball stamp is extremely durable. First of all it's waterproof. Secondly it has superior durability to that of most permanent marker pens.

Of course different playing conditions will affect the stamp differently so a reasonable expectation of general wear and tear should be expected but with correct application, you should still be able to clearly identify your golf ball at the end of an 18 hole round. The good news is, even when the stamp does fade, you can reapply it within seconds.

How long should my ink pad last?
This can be a tough question to answer as there are many factors to take into consideration eg how many times you stamp an identifying mark on your golf ball; how often you change golf balls; not to mention how often you play!

Technically, with correct use and storage, the ink pad supplied with your golf ball stamp should be good for about 1,000 continuous impressions.

After extended use you will need to press down more firmly and a few extra times to achieve enough ink to stamp your ball. As an example, after nearly 2 years of use from an ink pad, in order to stamp my golf ball effectively I needed to press down up to 8 times quite firmly on the pad to achieve a good transfer of ink to the ball. I still then had another 3 months' use out of the pad before it expired.

If your golf ball stamp has not been used for an extended period of time, it may appear to have dried out but this may not be the case. This will depend on how old the ink pad is and how long it has not been in use for.

To regenerate the pad, simply press down firmly 6 or 7 times onto the pad to try to draw the ink back up through the fabric pad. Do not add water or any other liquids to the ink pad. If you are unable to regenerate the pad by drawing the ink back up through the fabric then it would seem that your ink pad has expired.

What happens when the ink pad dries out?
Easy. We sell replacement ink pads. As mentioned above, we do not recommend you purchase replacement ink pads at the time of buying your original golf ball stamp. The ink pads do have a limited shelf life and if you buy replacements at the time of your initial purchase, the replacement pad may have expired by the time you get around to putting it into action!

Is a That's My Ball™ Golf Ball Stamp safe to use?
Sure is. If you have any concerns have a quick read of the printed safety precautions leaflet enclosed with every stamp purchased. In the meantime, here's some safety tips to keep in mind:

That's My Ball Golf Ball Stamps are not for children under 3 years of age.
Avoid inhaling the ink for lengthy periods - the ink does have some odour but is not harmful when used for a short period.
Avoid contact with eyes - immediately flush with water and seek medical attention.
Avoid contact with skin - wash off with mild soap and dry cloth and seek medical attention if irritation occurs.
Do not ingest the ink - seek medical attention immediately.
Flammable – keep away from fire.
Avoid contact with clothing – the ink will not wash out easily.
Keep That's My Ball™ ID Stamp out of direct sunlight and extreme heat/cold as this may affect the life of the ink pad. Replacement ink pads are available.

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