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For the golf player looking to break 70, 80, 90 or 100, Blooming Golf stocks many golf accessories to help you reach your target. Our training aids will improve your long and short game as well as your putting stroke. But most importantly the use of these training aids will give you a more consistent golf swing.
All of these golf accessories are very easy to use and will show amazing results after a few weeks. They can be used at the driving range, in your house, your garden and even at work. All you need is dedication and time put aside. These golf accessories can be used by men, ladies, seniors and juniors, and the majority of them are available for left handed players. They will improve your swing, rhythm, balance and other parts of your game. But most importantly, the more you practice, the more confidence you will get and this will show on the golf course when facing difficult and under pressure shots.

Blooming Golf range:
- Training accessories: If you are looking to improve your golf swing in general or your tempo, rhythm and balance, then this is the right section. These golf training aids have been designed to improve your golf game. These can be used as often as you want and wherever you can. See our range of training accessories...  

- Putting accessories: It’s now time to concentrate on your putting stroke. In this section, you can find a choice of golf putting mats. Different lengths and specifications according to your space at work or at home. Any of these mats will help you get use to the speed of the putting green and most importantly aiming at a hole. Don’t forget, putts are a big part of your score and practicing your putting stroke will produce amazing results. See our range of putting accessories...

- Practice nets and mats: For the golfer wanting a mini driving range at home. These golf accessories are a must have. You will be able to hit golf shots from a golf mat into a golf net with the possibility of using real golf balls. Great to practice the entire range of golf clubs from the sand wedge to the driver. They are easy to set up and to fold away after use. No need to travel to your nearest driving range, when everything you need is at home. See our range of practice nets and mats...

- Golf tees: What do you need to play golf? A golf club, a ball and a tee. A variety of golf tees, made of plastic or wood, different colours and lengths, but most importantly different designs. Choosing a golf tee is like choosing a golf ball. You have to try different ones. Some players like wood and for others it’s about getting the right length all the time. Golf brands spend a lot of money trying to design the perfect golf tee, they are used on Tours by golf professionals, so they must be good for us too! See our range of golf tees...

- Junior golf sets: For the little ones looking to start playing golf with the right equipment. Designed for boys and girls, in bright colours and very light. Ideal to use in the garden with mum or dad. Never too young to start. Some of the best players in the world started at a very young age. They are also a great birthday and Christmas present! See our range of junior golf sets...

- Other golf accessories: In this section, a selection of golf accessories designed to make your golf game easier. They will enable you to concentrate on one of the most important part of the game of golf, your course management: where to hit the ball and how. See our range of accessories...

All of these golf accessories have been designed for the improvement of the golf swing and make practicing very enjoyable. They are also a great gift idea.
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Which golf ball is best for you? You must have asked yourself this question when facing a golf ball display at your local golf store! There are hundreds of golf balls on the market from numerous golf brands, different colours, qualities, specifications and most importantly, prices. Blooming Golf would like to help you find the golf ball right for you. Let's keep it as simple as possible.

First: 2, 3 or 4-piece golf ball? Golf balls are designed for specific swing speeds, playing with the wrong golf ball will result in loss of distance.

- 2-piece golf ball: These golf balls are designed for low speed golf swing, below 85 miles per hour. They are made of two layers with a cover layer firmer than its core. Their side spin reduction and low compression are designed for game improvement and distance. Reduce slice or hook for a straighter flight. These golf balls are available for ladies, men and juniors in white, orange, yellow or pink. The cheapest option.

- 3 or 4-piece golf ball: Made of multiple layers, softer cover and firm core. Designed for the better player looking for a softer feel and better flight control of the golf ball. Generates more spin, draw or fade and backspin with wedges. These balls require a greater swing speed as their compression is higher. These golf balls are more often available in white and cost more, but as a better player you will loose less of them.

How to choose?

Beginner or high handicap player: all you need is an affordable golf ball which generates maximum distance, the golf ball for you is a 2-piece ball. Because you will lose lots of them, there is no need to spend a fortune on golf balls. For the colour, it’s up to you, some players prefer coloured golf balls as they see them better. The brand doesn’t really matter as long as you get the right ball for you.

Medium to good player: you can now hit a golf ball a long way and are looking for more accuracy and better feel. You need a 3 or 4-piece ball. Why? You are now losing less golf balls and can spend more money on them. Try different brands and models, some of them will feel better than others. Stick to the same ball so you will get use to it and you will know how it reacts to your strike.

New or used? Like everything there are plenty of reasons why to buy something new or second hand. In regards to golf balls, there are two advantages of buying used golf balls:

1- In average you can save 40% of the cost of new golf balls.

2- This is a great opportunity to try a better golf ball without spending a fortune on new golf balls.

The majority of used golf balls have been hit only a few times before being lost by their previous unfortunate owner. Those golf balls are found in water hazards and have been through a washing process and sorted into different grades. Some of them may feature a logo and an identifying mark from a previous owner. Low graded used golf balls are ideal for practicing.

Second Chance is the official supplier of used golf balls for Blooming Golf. They are based in the United Kingdom and their used golf balls come from the USA and the UK.

Blooming Golf stocks AAA, A and B graded used golf balls:

- AAA graded used golf balls are superb quality and ideal for recreational play. They may have company logos and/or pen marks. Great condition and value!

- A graded used golf balls are in very good condition and still good for recreational play and practice. They will show some signs of marks, also may have logos and/or pen marks. Good condition and value!

- B graded used golf balls are in good condition and still good for recreational play and practice. They will show some signs of scuffs and marks, also may have logos and/or pen marks. Super value for money!

See our range of used golf balls...

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