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How does it work?

The Powerball works without batteries! It is driven by pure muscle power. Inside the device, you'll find a 200 gram rotor - the heart of the Powerball. Once it's set into motion, a rotation impulse starts up around the axis. Bike riders are familiar with this kind of impulse. If you get on a bike that's not moving, you'll fall over. But the faster you ride, the more stable the bike becomes. As speed increases, more power is required to steer. The rotor within the Powerball is able to build up stability in exactly the same way - through the moment of inertia (the gyrating mass is about 2 cm (1/2 inch) from the axis) and the rotation speed. The user can now try to tilt the rotor, while simultaneously turning the rotation axis, to create a moment when the rotor begins turning. The gyroscope reacts to this movement with an opposite motion in an attempt to straighten upright again. This force is known as 'precession'.

The Powerball is an exercise device. Developed in the USA, it uses the latest scientific knowledge in the field of motion therapy. Unlike other exercise equipment, Powerball uses no weights, springs, electrical power or batteries. Instead, it uses the power generated by a rapidly spinning gyro - gyro power. How much, or how little gyro power, is controlled by the user's muscle strength and is thus easily adjusted to suit the user's physical condition. The gyro energy generated from 15,000 revolutions a minute amounts to around 18 kilos or 39 pounds !

Powerball builds strength

This unique gyro exerciser helps build upper body strength, particularly grip, wrist, upper and lower arm strength, as well as sharpening co-ordination skills. This is good news if you participate in any of the following activities:

Golf, tennis, (kite) surfing, mountain biking, baseball, fishing, boxing, motor sport, fencing, rock climbing, archery, motor cross, shooting, badminton, hockey, playing an instrument (e.g. piano, guitar) and all other activities demanding increased power in the arms and wrists.

Older people:
Research on over-65s has shown that regular resistance training appears to reverse signs of ageing in the muscles. The encouraging thing is it doesn't have to be vigorous and only a little exercise is necessary. Apart from that, Powerball can help maintain movement and coordination skills, which could be useful during later years in life. In such cases, please consult your doctor before use.

Digital Speed Meter:

The digital speed meter allows you to keep a precise record of your performance!

The Counter is actually a multifunction computer that monitors the speed of the spinning rotor and can display this in the following useful ways:

- Total number of Revolutions (since power on)
- Real-time RPM (actual speed while spinning)
- Highest RPM (highest speed ever - and memorises it!)
- Total Revolutions in timed 30, 60 and 90 second 'sprint-sessions'

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