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Golf Tip 201052:
Approach shots. How often are you within 100 meters from the green and only have to hit an easy wedge and get two putts for a good score? So often but it never ends with a good result. These types of golf shots are not easy to master and need lots of practicing. Don’t necessarily aim at the flag. Think about where you would like to hit your first putt from. If a bunker is on the left hand side of the green, aim to the right side of the green. It’s better to have a long putt than a bunker shot with the flag very close to the lip. During your next practice session, only take with you your SW, PW and 9 iron and practice these shots within 100 meters using a different kind of trajectories: high and low. Grip your golf club shorter for more control and accuracy. Visualize your shot before hitting the golf ball. Use a half or quarter swing instead of full swing, again for more control of the golf ball.
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Golf Tip 201051:
Glove or not? The vast majority of golfers wear a glove when playing golf or practicing. Though some don’t! like the amazing American player, Fred Couples. The main reason for wearing the glove is to get more grip, with the golf club. This is why you only need to wear one and not two. Right handed players, wear their gloves on the left hand and the left-handers, on their right hand. Why? this is the hand which has the most contact with the grip of your golf club. Make sure you get the right size, it must feel like your second skin, don’t wait for it to rip before getting a new one. A decent glove and decent grips mean more grip and better chance to hit a good golf shot. It’s all about feel, take your glove off when putting to get a better feedback from the stroke. And your glove will last longer!
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Golf Tip 201050:
Looking for more control and accuracy? Many golf professionals are using this technique and are improving their accuracy and ball control with their woods and irons. The secret is gripping your golf clubs one or two inches shorter than normal. By reducing the distance between you and the golf ball but still keeping the flexibility of the shaft, you will find it easier to strike the golf ball especially with the woods and long irons. Get practicing first, try this technique at your driving range to get used to the new feel and you’ll be surprised with the results! One of the best examples on Tour is the American player, Anthony Kim. Have a look at his technique, very unusual with great results.
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Golf Tip 201049:
Books and DVDs. The choice is immense. Written or filmed by golf professionals, teachers, top amateurs, journalists, etc… they are a very good idea and can be very helpful to learn the basics and some new tricks for you to try on the driving range, at home or on the golf course. If you like the swing of your favourite player then get his/her book or DVD, there is a reason why you like the player so you should be able to pick some good advices from it. Stick to the same swing technique. It’s already difficult to get the perfect swing so learning one technique will be more efficient than mixing two or three different ones. Ask your golf professional as he or she will recommend the best technical book, DVD according to your swing. With Christmas just around the corner why not add a book or DVD to your Santa list! Check our website for some great stocking fillers.
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Golf Tip 201048:
The perfect golf gifts for Christmas! Blooming Golf stocks a large selection of golf accessories. You can find golf gifts for your Christmas stocking fillers from only $3.99! For the golfers looking to improve their game, the choice is yours: training aids, putting mats, driving and chipping nets and more. Don’t forget the amazing Powerballs and the incredible Trion:Z bracelets. If you are unsure of what to buy for someone, send us an email at: and we’ll help you find the perfect gift. We stock fantastic junior starter kits, for the younger children to discover golf this summer. Remember that you can order as many products as you like for the same delivery cost to your door! Order now to receive before Christmas!
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Golf Tip 201047:
Hybrids. Probably the best solution for all types of golfers. The hybrids are in all golf bags, from the beginner to the golf professional. They come in different lofts and are so easy to use compared to long irons, from 1 to 5. Shorter than the fairway woods, lighter than long irons with more loft, they can be played from anywhere on the golf course, from the tee, fairway, rough, bunker and even around the green. All top brands have a collection of hybrids in their range, so it’s not easy to choose the right one. Pick a few, try them out on the golf course or at your nearest driving range. Speak to your golf professional at your golf club. Take time to choose the right one, you will not be disappointed. If the golf pros are using them, they must be really good!
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Golf Tip 201046:
Keep it clean! You may have wondered why all the golf professionals’ caddies keep cleaning the golf heads and grips after and before each shots. By keeping the grooves of a club head always clean of dust or grass from previous shots, the player will get a better contact with the golf ball and will be able to work the ball in any direction if necessary. The same applies for the grip. Clean grips provide a much better grip. Always try to keep your golf grips dry during a rainy day. A slippery grip may cause any kind of trajectory. Not only do grips have to be clean but they must be in good condition. Depending on how often you play golf, change your grips when they start to become slippery. Ask your golf professional to check them for you and also to fit them on as they have to be aligned for a better use.
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Golf Tip 201045:
Playing your own game. When playing golf with other players, it’s very tempting to compare your shots, swing or score to theirs. It’s always a good thing to play a round of golf with one or more better players, as you will be able to learn from them. However, golf is playing against the par and not necessarily against someone else. It could be many reasons why the other players hit their golf balls longer or straighter than you, just concentrate on your own game, use your course management strategy, if you have planned to use a 3 wood to tee off with when all the other players use their driver, stick to your original plan. At the end of the round your final score will show a better net score than your playing partners.
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Golf Tip 201044:
Taking risk or playing safe? Following last week’s first tip on course management, another question to ask yourself before hitting your tee shot: should I play safe or take a risk? Some holes feel right, others scare you. Before teeing off on a hole that you never scored well before, look for the safest place you would like to hit your second shot from, select one club less than you should, add one shot to the ideal par (if you’re playing a par 4, think it’s a par 5), then if you get a 4, it will feel like a birdie and will add confidence next time you play the same hole. The same applies when facing a shot you have never hit before, this may be due to a bad lie, bad stance or other. Take a club less, grip it lower than usual and try to hit your golf ball with only one thing in mind, getting out of trouble. You will be surprised how rewarding playing safe can be. Not only for your score but your confidence too!
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Golf Tip 201043:
Have you heard of course management? It’s about thinking before hitting your golf ball. Think two shots ahead, always visualise yourself playing your next shot. Before hitting, check if there are places where you don’t want to hit your golf ball (water, bunker, trees, out of bounds…). Then work out which golf club to use according to where you want to play your next shot from. If you hit your drive at an average of 220 meters and there is a bunker at 210 meters, then use your 3 wood instead. The same applies when you hit towards the green. If the flag is on the left hand side then it’s better to miss on the right of the green to give you more space to work with on your next shot. There is much more about course management so we’ll be back with more later…
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Golf Tip 201042:
How to choose the right putter? Golf manufacturers come up with new shapes and designs every year and also new inserts. You will find classic, mallet and other kinds of head shapes. The best way to choose a new putter is to try as many as you can. If possible take it with you to a putting green or even better for a round of golf. You can get different shaft lengths according to your stance and your height. Ask your golf professional. Some players will keep the same putter for life, others will buy the latest on the market hopping for the answer of hitting less putts every time. Whatever you decide, just remember that you use a putter more often than your driver, so spend time to get the right one and most importantly, spend time practicing with it!
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Golf Tip 201041:
Which golf ball should you play with? The choice of golf balls is huge. Different brands, models, constructions, colours and more. Let’s try to make it simple. If you are just starting to play golf, all you need is a ball which gives you distance over control. Look for a 2 piece ball, the colour does not matter, white, yellow, orange or pink, whichever you prefer. The better you get, you are looking for more control in a golf ball, a 3 or 4 piece ball. The money you spend on golf balls depends on your level. As a beginner you will loose lots so spend as little as possible. The better you will get, the less you will lose so it will be worth spending more to get a better quality golf ball. Blooming Golf stocks great quality used golf balls for any type of golfers, check out our range.
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Golf Tip 201040:
Where to practice? One of the best places to practice your golf game is at a driving range, where you will find good quality golf balls, mats and tees but also targets with the right yardage, a bunker/short game practice area and a putting green. Some golf courses do provide a practice area where you are able to hit your own golf balls but you will have to pick them up too! You can also practice at home or in your office. Blooming Golf stocks a large selection of training golf aids which you can use in your garden, garage or home. These golf aids are very easy to use and the results will show quickly. From your driver to your putter, every section of your golf swing can be worked on.
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Golf Tip 201039:
New or Used Golf balls? One of the main reasons to buy used golf balls is the price. You can save an average of 40% compare to new golf balls. This is the best way to play or try a top golf ball without the fear of loosing it after your first tee shot! Nowadays you can find a huge selection of brands and models, at various prices and qualities. The cheaper option will have more marks and scuffs and will be ideal for your practice sessions. At the other end, you can find top quality balls with only pen marks or logo and still have a lot of golf shots left in them. Blooming Golf stocks a large selection of top quality used golf balls like the best selling golf ball, the Titleist Pro V1, and more. Click here to check our range.
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Golf Tip 201038:
Golf lesson. Spring is back and this is the perfect time to start taking a few golf lessons. You will find group or individual lessons in the majority of golf courses. One to one lessons are the best option. Depending on your level, your golf professional will be working on specific points of your golf swing, like the golf basics: grip, posture, stance and more. It’s always best to take a group of lessons, between 5 and 10, and practice in between so you can remember what was learnt during the previous lesson before learning new skills during your next one. Your golf professional will notice improvements even when you can’t. Your golf swing will become more consistent, stronger and ready to step to new levels. Enjoy your lesson, enjoy practicing!
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Golf Tip 201037:
Too many golf clubs in your bag! Try this: take a putter, pitching wedge, 8, 6, 4 iron, a hybrid and a 3 wood. 7 clubs, half of your normal set. Playing a round of golf using less golf clubs will make you think and concentrate twice as much. You will have to play shots you never played before, use half swings, open the club face more than usual, hit draws or fade… In other words, it will make you create new shots and gain control of your swing and your golf ball. You’ll be surprised of the result! You may even shot less than your usual package!
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Golf Tip 201036:
Shaft options: light, regular, stiff, firm, extra stiff, senior, lady… Following last week’s tip, playing with the wrong shaft will result in a multitude of shots, left, right or lack of distance. Each stiffness has been designed for a specific swing speed. If you swing is slow, then a more flexible shaft is recommended. A faster swing will be better using a stiffer shaft option. Ladies’ shafts are designed slightly shorter than man’s shaft. But it’s not only the flexibility which may influence your shots, their torque, length, weight and other specifications can be crucial, but we’ll talk about these later! If you are unsure about which shaft is best for you, ask a qualified golf professional.
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Golf Tip 201035:
Steel or graphite? There are no best options. It all depends of you and your golf swing. Shafts are made for specifics players and swing speeds. To keep it simple, graphite shafts are lighter and are best for ladies, seniors and juniors golfers, looking for more swing speed. The shaft being lighter will increase the speed of the club head through impact and consequently the distance. However, better player can also use graphite shafts but with a stiffer option. Experienced players prefer steel shaft as they procure more accuracy and better control of the golf ball. The use of a wrong shaft will definitely cause bad shots. If you are unsure about which shaft is best for you, ask a qualified golf professional.
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Golf Tip 201034:
Which golf club should you use when practicing? If you are struggling with one or more golf clubs on the golf course, then your practice session is the best time to get used to them and get more confidence with them. All you need to think of is your golf swing, rhythm, ball position, in other words, the basics. Start with your favorite golf club, after a few shots, just change your golf club but keep the same golf swing, the same rhythm. When using longer golf clubs, move your hands down slightly, this will give you more confidence and more control. Next time you are on the golf course, remember to use the same principals, same swing, same rhythm, shorter grip.
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Golf Tip 201033:
Playing golf, keeping warm. Even with low temperatures, you can still enjoy a nice round of golf. All you need is to keep warm. From head to toe and especially your hands. They are the first contact with your golf clubs and need to feel all the feedback necessary for you to react in time. Cold hands mean more tension in your shoulders which changes your rhythm and results in a bad shot. Take time to hit some balls before you start your round so your body will warm up and you will get a nice loose golf swing on the first tee. The same apply on the golf course before each shot, take a few practice swing to prepare your body to hit the next shot.
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Golf Tip 201032:
It’s winter. Probably the best time to work on your golf swing. Why not take a few golf lessons from a PGA qualified Golf Professional and work on your weaknesses before the start of the new season. Improvement of some key points of your golf swing will make a huge difference on the golf course. Start by making a list of your weaknesses such as your long irons, putting, bunker shots, course management and more. Take professional advice, read books, watch videos and don’t forget to keep practicing all year long. You can find a wide range of training golf aids on the Blooming Golf website to keep you busy this winter.
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Golf Tip 201031:
Driver or 3 wood from the tee? If you’re struggling to keep your drives on the fairway why not hit your 3 wood instead! Having more loft than your driver and being shorter, this gives you more confidence at address. You may hit the ball slightly shorter than with your driver but you will get more accuracy and more chance to hit your second shot from the fairway. Always aim for accuracy first then distance. Remember to tee your golf ball slightly lower on the tee and leave the loft of the club face do its job. Once you hit your 3 wood constituently on the fairway, then it’s time for you to try your driver again from the tee, but hit some balls at the driving range first to get used to the difference in length.
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Golf Tip 201030:
Following last week’s tip, Blooming Golf recommends you focus practicing, on your putting. This is a part of your golf game where you will notice a big improvement after a few practice sessions. Get a good grip, a grip you feel comfortable with, a grip which keeps your hands non active during the putting swing. Your hands don’t swing the putter, the pendulum generated by your shoulders do. Practice short, medium and long putts, feel the speed and use the slopes of the putting green. Don’t try to hole long putts, just get as close as possible. Always think 2 putts per hole. Which adds up to 36 putts for 18 holes. Aim for 30 putts maximum per round, this is already 6 shots less!
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Golf Tip 201029:
The first golf tip from Blooming Golf is very simple: start practicing! The only way you will hit less shots on the golf course is by practicing at a driving range, in your house, in the garden or at your office. Even one hour per week will help. But first think about your golf game in general and write down which part you need to improve. Is it your swing or just part of it, your short game or just the lob shots, your putting or just long puts and so on. Once you know which part you want to work on, browse our website and read our reviews to help you find the perfect training/practicing golf aids.
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